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It has been both an honor and pleasure to have been asked to design and create a line of masks for the Strigoi Vii Family by Father Sebastiaan, Author of the SANGUINOMICON, and also to have been presented with the Phoenix Award.

This line is intended to directly enhance the Strigoi Vii Glamour, and each mask is created within a magical, artistic environment. The air is cleared with sage, and then charged with incense and candlelight. Each mask is infused with waters that have been charged with crystals, paint that is toned with Tibetan singing bowls, while contemplating the magical teachings of the OSV.

The designs are intended to aid the family during rituals, Moots, Quorums, and Masquerades, and serve as magical reminders of our convictions while proudly displayed in our personal environments.




For more information on the Sanguinomicon, Living Vampyrism and Strigoi Vii please visit www.sanguinarium.net.